types of marijuana

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Silver Haze
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Skunk Red Hair
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Skunk Special
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silver haze skunk marijuana skunk red hair skunk special
Silver Haze is Haze crossed with a powerful sativa to give a silvery appearance. Skunk is one of the best known marijuana strains in the world. Skunk is still a classic. Skunk Red Hair is an early flowering Skunk with excellent yields and red fibres. Skunk Special is original Skunk crossed with a select sativa to bring bigger yields and a better strength.
Snow White
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Super Girl
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Super Skunk
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snow white super girl super skunk swazi
Snow White is a feminised strain that is similar to White Widow producing all female plants. Super Girl is another powerful feminised marijuana strain which is easy to grow and high in THC. Super Skunk is an improvement of the original skunk which is easy to grow and still popular. Swazi is pure sativa and grows very tall. Moderate in strength.
Swazi x Skunk
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Swiss Miss
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Thai x Skunk
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swazi x skunk swiss miss thai x skunk top44
Swazi x Skunk, Swazi crossed with Skunk to sweeten the taste. Swiss Miss is an excellent marijuana strain for outdoors. It is very resistant to cold. Thai x Skunk is like original Skunk but with a Thai flavor. Top44 is an excellent commercial type of marijuana. Grows fast and produces a long lasting high.
Turtle Power
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White Rhino
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White Widow
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turtle power venus white rhino white widow marijuana
Turtle Power is a cross of Purple Power and Early Girl. A good beginners strain. Venus is a feminised strain with excellent yields and a strong high. White Rhino is a popular medical marijuana strain which is high in THC. White Widow is one of the world's favorite marijuana strains.
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