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Early Girl
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Early Misty
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Hawaii Mauwie Wauwie
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early girl early misty marijuana fourway type marijuana hawaii mauwie wauwie
Early Girl is an early flowering strain with good resistance to disease and pests. Early Misty is like White Widow. It works well in cooler climates and is fast to flower. A cross of four strains, Fourway works well hydroponically. Hawaii Mauwie Wauwie has a citrus aroma and fruity flavor with an uplifting high.
Hawaii Skunk
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Hawaii x Skunk 1
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Haze 19 x Skunk
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hawaii skunk marijuana hawaii x skunk 1 haze 19 x skunk haze marijuana
Dense buds with a skunk aroma. Hawaii x Skunk 1 has been crossed to increase potency and yield. With all the properties of the original Haze, this strain is crossed with skunk for a larger yield. Haze marijuana is a type with fluffy buds and a long flowering period, rush high.
Hindu Kush
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Hollands Hope
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Ice 2003
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hindu kush hollands hope marijuana seeds ice ice 2003
One of the types of marijuana from the Hindu Kush area. Tastes like hash. Hollands Hope is a perfect outdoor plant. It has a sweet flavor and medium strength and comes highly recommended. A cannabis cup winner and good for hydroponic growing. Very crystalline buds produce a strong high. Producing a heavy stone, Ice is a heavily engineered strain with strong high.
Indoor Mix
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Island Lady
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Jack Herrer
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Jock Horror
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indoor mix
island lady
jack herrer
jock horror
Indoor Mix is not a type but a mix of classic indoor types of marijuana. Island Lady is a cross of Purple Power, Master kush and other strains, highly disease resistant. Jack Herrer is the classic award winning strain, known to be the world's best. Jock Horror is a marijuana strain which is a copy of Jack Herrer.
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Maroc x Afghan
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k2 marijuana khola dutch passion mango marijuana maroc x afghan
K2 is a popular dutch commercial strain with excellent yields and a stong high. Khola is an outdoor strain developed from Thai and Brazilian types. Growing in popularity. Mango is an indoor/outdoor marijuana strain with large buds and a sweet mango like taste. Maroc x Afghan is a hash producing type of marijuana with excellent yields and a great taste.
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