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Volcano Vaporizer Review 4 Stars

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The Volcano Vaporizer was one of our most anticipated vaporizers on the review list, like the Hot Box, has several uses. As well as being used for the inhalation of the vapors of cannabis and other herbs, it may be used as an aromatherapy vaporizer and is also useful in culinary preparation for releasing the aromatic compounds from herbs and spices.
The most popular use of the Volcano vaporizer is for the inhalation of cannabis. Using the convection method, the active ingredients such as THC are released from the cannabis, whilst all toxic elements caused by combustion are virtually removed, thus reducing the threats to health caused by smoking.

The Volcano operates through a pressurized hot air convection system -the herbal substance or essential oil is heated by variable temperature and the vapors are collected in a heatproof bag, and once this bag inflates, the user removes it from the Volcano and inhales the vapors inside. Alternatively, vapors may be dispersed from the bag into the atmosphere by using a set of valves on the bag. With the Volcano, the vaporizer airflow and temperature may be controlled by the user.

The use of the Volcano Vaporizer for the ingestion of medical cannabis has long been the subject of much debate, and many a scientific study has been carried out to assess the merits of such a delivery method. The University of California carried out such a study in November 2007, and this examined carbon monoxide in the blood to ascertain the ingestion of harmful products using the different methods of cannabis inhalation. Whilst the Volcano vaporizing device was found to provide a slight exposure to the harmful substances produced when a plant is burned, this was far less than what is ingested through smoking. Another 2004 study found that cannabis vapor from the Volcano Vaporizer contained high levels of THC and significantly low amounts of other toxic substances. A recent 2008 study highlighted the quality of the Volcano Vaporizer by stating that it consistently extracted and produced high levels of THC in cannabis vapors over a period of time, proving that the Volcano is a competent delivery system for the use of medical cannabis.

As mentioned, the Volcano vaporizers may also be used in the kitchen to release the aromatic scent of many herbs and spices. This is done by applying controlled heat to such herbs and spices in order to release flavours that otherwise may be spoilt through over-cooking.

The Volcano Vaporizer is manufactured by the German company Storz & Bickel, and what really sets it apart from the others is its ability to maintain the perfect vaporization temperature in order to yield a perfect performance. It is well-known that the active ingredients within a substance are released at high temperatures, and the patented technology of the Volcano ensures that temperature is maintained within 5 degrees centigrade across the entire temperature range to ensure the efficient and steady releaae of active ingredients within a vapor.
The Volcano is one of the most advanced vaporizers on the market, costing several hundred dollars, but is well worth it as it is one of the most advanced and produces excellent quality vapors of considerable purity.

Volcano Vaporizer
4 Stars

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Marijuana Vaporizers
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