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Aromed VaporizerVapor Cannon Vaporizer Review
4 Stars

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The Vapor Cannon Vaporizer is manufactured by the American company VaporWarez. This box-style model is really classy looking, meaning that you can display with pride – some are really ugly, bulky contraptions. Like the Hot Box, the Vapor Cannon has a ceramic heating element that has been found to be reliable, even under rigorous testing conditions. Some box style vaporizers have elements of inferior quality and these regularly fail.

So sure are VaporWarez of the efficiency of their ingenious ceramic element, the Vapor Cannon comes with a 5 year warranty, blowing the standard 1 yr guarantee out of the water – the only thing not covered by the warranty is glass parts. The Vapor Cannon vaporizer is conveniently hands-free; no more aching hands through having to hold the whip to the element – simply place it on until the correct temperature is achieved and then remove to inhale the vapors.
The Vapor Cannon vaporizer heats up very quickly, meaning it is ready to use within 5 minutes; most vaporizers usually take around 10-15 minutes to get hot. The heat settings on this model are manual rather than digital, but this does not detract from its quality in any way - simply use the heat knob to set to your desired temperature. The on-off switch is also easily located as it is brightly lit.
Simply place the amount of substance you require in the ground glass fitting and place into contact with the ceramic heating element. This controlling of substance size means no expensive waste and the amount and intensity of the vapor is in turn controlled by the strength and duration of inhalation.

Like most other vaporizers, the Vapor Cannon uses convection to heat up a substance, thus removing most of the harmful by-products acquired through smoking. At around $150, the Vapor Canon vaporizer represents excellent value for money – it is solidly built, easy to operate, looks good and may also be used whilst on the move in the car with any 12-120 volt AC inverter. Although the similar Hot Box comes in many fancy designs and colours, is does not offer the amazing 5 year guarantee that the Vapor Cannon vaporizer does. This guarantee reassures buyers as it signifies that the manufacturer is more than confident of its quality of this product.

Vapor Cannon Vaporizer
5 Stars
Sorry, this is no longer available
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