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Vapir One Vaporizer Review
4.5 Stars

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The Vapir One vaporizer is a light hand-held convector vaporizer, and is therefore very portable and easy to transport. It may be used for the burning of many substances such tobacco, oils, herbs and resins and fresh or dried flowers, for the purpose of both inhalation and to release the aromatic fragrance of a substance.

The Vapir One boasts a digital temperature display and displays temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Herbal matter is heated up very quickly using convection technology: hot air is blown through a disk that contains the substance and this in turn ensures that a high quality vapor is quickly released without the burning of the herbal matter, as is sometimes the case with conduction vaporizers. The 3-speed hot air system also ensures that a substance is steadily heated throughout at the set temperature, and that this temperature is well maintained. Something our vapir one vaporizer reviewer liked alot.

This vaporizer comes with a conveniently long plastic tube with a comfortable moulded mouthpiece, and because the tube is of a substantial length, it means that the vapor has a chance to cool down a little before reaching your mouth, thus reducing the risk of throat irritation. Also included is an inflatable bag, should the user prefer to inhale vapors this way. Two herb baskets are conveniently included with the Vapir One so that the next round of herbal substances may be prepared whilst the first lot is in the vaporizer. These herb baskets are also specially designed to ensure the even vaporization of a substance.

The Vapir One vaporizer comes in a handy and stylish presentation box for handy storage and to keep it in tip-top condition. Also included in the box is an easy- to- follow and comprehensive instruction manual and a really helpful and fun DVD that teaches about all the elements of vaporization. Other impressive features include a keylock function that ensures that the vaporizer is kid-proof and safe from other unauthorized use, and an optional car charger is also included, meaning that the vaporizer can be used while on the move.

At just a couple of hundred dollars, the Vapir One Vaporizer is more than worth the money; its ingenious design, functionality and ease of use make it one of the best vaporizers on the market. It comes apart quickly for easy cleaning and a stoker is included in the box to help with cleaning and distribution of herbs in the herb basket. The Vapir One is a quality convector vaporizer at a truly great price.    altough maybe not quite at the level of the volcano or the aromed vaporizer, the vapir one review shows this one should be ranked highly

Vapir One Vaporizer
4.5 Stars
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