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Hot Box Vaporizer Review
4.5 Stars

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The Hot Box vaporizer is a revolutionary device, manufactured in the U.S by a company called Hot Box Vapors. The Hot Box is constructed from a patented stone or tile and features a highly engineered internal ceramic heating element that allows the Hot Box to reach and sustain the correct temperature quickly and easily. The Hot Box is extremely easy to use – simply plug in, add the substance and turn on, and within a couple of minutes this hands-free Vaporizer is ready to use. In common with most modern vaporizers, the Hot Box uses the convection method of heating so that all harmful compounds found in smoking are largely removed from a vapor.

Included with the Hot Box is a Pyrex aromatherapy wand, also known as a whip, which comes in two pieces for easy cleaning. This is held to the heating element and the vapors inhaled through it – also in the box is a glass mouthpiece to place on the end of the wand. The multi-purpose Hot Box also acts as an essential oils and fragrance diffuser: the clear glass aroma bulb required for this is not included with the vaporizer but is available separately for a small fee.

On the design frount the hot box vaporizer reviewed well, the Hot Box is available in many handcrafted colours, designs and styles – colours include ebony mother, all-rise scarlet and cobalt blue, amongst others, and also available is the very apt Rasta design! The vaporizer also comes in a variety of stylish stone finishes, such as onyx and marble and many others. The Hot Box is unique in that it may be customised –some retailers are happy to do this for you by printing whatever artwork you desire on it. This could be anything from your name to your favourite band.

Other extras in the Hot box include easy-to-read instructions and a full one-year warranty, so that if anything should go wrong with the Hot Box in the first 12 months, it will be repaired or replaced without question. Like the Vapir One vaporizer, the Hot Box vaporizer may be used with a car lighter, meaning it can be used whilst on the move.

The dual purpose Hot Box really is great value at around $150-$200. Whether used as a vaporizer or aromatherapy diffuser, the Hot Box is quick and easy to use, and uses high quality convection in order to heat vapors, meaning no burning of herbal substances. Many top quality vaporizers cost hundreds of dollars, but it is hard to fault the Hot Box; it delivers on every score and yet costs so little.

Hot Box Vaporiser
4.5 Stars
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Marijuana Vaporizer
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