bud marijuana pics general

A variety of different types of marijuana bud pics can be found in the gallery below sent in from across the world.
big bud marijuana
Super Dank Close Up of Ace Of Spades Bud
big bud marijuana
A huge main cola of a Big Bud plant.
buds on string
These buds are so heavy these strings are needed to hold them up.
bud 1
A crystalline bud.
bud 2
And closer up.
bud 3
Bud pic close up under a hps light with crystals forming.
bud close
Bud marijuana pic showing resinous glands.
bud marijuana pics
Very crystalline bud with yellowing leaves. Almost ready.
cannabis indica
An indica strain.
Chronic marijuana bud.
Sticky looking Bud.
Dream Queen super dank.
Ghost OG
glistening crystals
Excellent close up bud pic.
Haze marijuana. A nice pic.
huge bud pic
Manicuring a giant bud.
marijuana bud
Yellow high pressure sodium light. A really nice picture.
marijuana bud pictures
Lovely purple power plant.
marijuana pictures
Marijuana plant growing outdoors.
mazar bud
Mazar bud nearing maturity.
northern lights
Northern Lights
northern lights haze
Northern Lights x Haze
This one's ready to be harvested.
purple haze
Tasty looking Purple Cheese.
purple haze
An extremely purple bud, called Purple Haze.
silver pearl bud
Silver Pearl bud pic.
skunk buds
Skunk x Purple Power
sticky bud
A very sticky bud.
  white buds
This one looks quite strange.

Please send in any marijuana bud pics you'd like to see included in this gallery.

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