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The Aromed vaporizer has been on the market since 1997 and is one of the best around. Like the Volcano, the Aromed hails from Germany and this premium vaporizer was initially developed for medical purposes. With its water filtration system, the Aromed produces one of the purest vapors and in Germany the device is 100% refunded by several health insurance companies when bought by people for health reasons.

when reviewing the aromed vaporizer it is worth remembering in terms of precision, the Aromed vaporizer is spot-on. Like most other modern vaporizers, the Aromed employs convection to heat a substance, but this is done is a different way to other models. The Aromed is ready to use only 2 minutes after switching on, and the heat source is placed above rather than below the plant material, which means that it is only during inhalation that active ingredients are set free – as a result, the Aromed Vaporizer delivers more than 90% of active material into a user’s lungs, minimizing any waste through condensation. making it one of the top marijuana vaporizers we have reviewed

The hot air used to heat the herbs is provided by an energy saving halogen bulb, controlled by a built in microprocessor unique to the Aromed. This calculates precisely the exact temperatures within a substance, meaning that the maximum amount of active ingredient is released. The Aromed is fully digital, and the LED display on the front panel shows the current temperature and also allows the increasing/decreasing of temperature to suit, according to the material being heated. Also, for convenience, the Aromed may be filled with more than one dosage.

the aromed vaporizer review also looks at The Aromed's water filtration system which is unique and very useful in producing as pure a vapor as possible. For example, if a fine-grinded material is used, fine dusts are inhaled along with the vapor that can cause irritation to the user’s bronchial system, and the water filter prevents this. If firm, oily or watery solutions are used, the filter may simply be used without water.

The newer models of Aromed include the AromaTop, and this means that aromatherapy oils may be added without water, both for therapeutic use and to fill a room with gorgeous scent. Thus, like the Volcano Vaporizer, the Aromed is a dual use product. Also available separately is a special glass foam pellet that may be used for traditional Chinese medicines and other preparations such as Marinol and Dronabinol. This foam pellet is placed on the vaporizer and can hold up to 1ml of fluids, allowing the inhalation of vapors from the aforesaid medicines.

There is no doubt that the Aromed is one of the best vaporizers on the market, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it is also one of the most expensive at over $400. However, this is well worth it considering the excellent features this model has. Also, the very informative manual that comes with the Aromed helpfully lists over 40 herbs that may be used with the vaporizer.

Aromed Vaporizer
5 Stars


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